Love letters are sweet especially if it’s from someone you deeply care for. As mothers, we have someone special in our hearts that we’d move mountains for: our children.


So how about writing a touching letter to your daughter, telling her how much you love her? We know what you’re thinking: But my baby cannot read yet! Or if she does, she might not understand the depth of what I’m saying!


Don’t worry. We’ve got your back. We’re encouraging all moms out there to join our  Love Letter to My Daughter campaign!


The mechanics is simple: Send us a photo of yourself, together with your letter to your daughter, and we’ll post it online in our social media account where your daughter can read it in the future.


Letters from the heart

We understand how abounding your love is for your children. The moment you conceived your baby, we know how much joy (and maybe a little fear, too) you had in your heart, knowing that there’s a tiny life growing inside you. The very day she is born, all the pain from giving birth vanishes away as you set your eyes on your baby for the first time.


The start of motherhood marks the day  your whole world makes a major shift:  revolving around your newborn baby, taking care of her every need & whim, and helping her grow to become a wonderful, beautiful adult that you aspire her to be.


Don’t keep all those feelings to yourself. Write them all down. Immortalize your love in a string of loving, kind words---words that are meant to make your daughter feel loved, cared for and cherished. Love Letters are becoming a lost art, but you have the chance to express your love for your daughter in a traditional way. Write to her and tell how you feel about her. In these modern times, we know what a struggle it is to get your message across to the one you love...and that’s why Love Letter to My Daughter is here.


We care for you

Love Letter to My Daughter is one way for us to show you how much we care for you, Mommies. We want to be a part of your most special journey known as Motherhood.   We want to do more than just provide you with adorable clothing for your Fabulous Girl.  We want to be able to truly connect with you and share our similar experiences.  We’re thrilled to be able to provide you the perfect platform to express your heartfelt thoughts to your daughter.


With this campaign, we’ll post your letter to our social media accounts and keep them for you until your daughter can finally read them in the near future.


Let your daughter know how special she is to you.  Write to us and send it with a beautiful photo of you!