"I believe that if we feel good and special in what we're wearing, we can't help but exude a happier and confident vibe. " — Rachel Loomis, Designer & Owner of FGC.

About Fabulous Girl Clothing

A beautiful peony perseveres against all odds, is brave and strong—just like a Fabulous Girl. Inspired by the time in a girl's life when she is blossoming, full of wonder and discovery, we create timeless, handmade clothing that empowers girls to be their truest, most fabulous selves.

We are vintage charm with an energetic, fearless spirit. We are classic and cozy with a dash of cute and whimsy. Our dream is to dress girls as beautifully on the outside as they are on the inside so they can go and create their fondest memories.

she is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.


about our team

FGC clothing is homegrown and handmade in small batches by a team of talented and hardworking women in the Carolinas. Rachel Loomis—mom to five girls and one boy—designs each piece as if it were for her own children, hand-selecting the highest-quality fabrics and ensuring each piece fully captures the joy and innocence of girlyhood. We like to think each FGC dress, top, and bottom has a very special girl's name written all over it, so we only make two or three in each size and style. Nothing makes us happier than spreading love through the everlasting art of sewing.