Fabulous Girl Clothing Brand Enthusiast

On occasion we’re on the lookout for a few happy faces to help represent and spread the love of Fabulous Girl Clothing with great enthusiasm. If you and your daughter have a true love of FGC and all we stand for, you might be good candidates to work with us.

Operative words: happy, love, represent and work.

We're looking for the extraordinary combination of mommy and daughter!

Mommy Duties:

    • has a true love and enthusiasm for our brand, style and values
    • has a talent for taking clean, crisp and natural light photos that fit our brand's aesthetic, ie next to window is best as opposed to direct sunlight;
    • understands we are looking for happy, fun & playful images. A stoic or serious look is NOT in keeping with our brand's image or aesthetic
    • has a great eye and talent for styling that fits our aesthetic (refer to our model shots on our website).
    • is willing to ensure well kept hair styles as this is a big part of our aesthetic and it matters to our brand
    • is willing to share with us a minimum of 5 high quality images per outfit within 10 days of receiving FGC goods: a mix of lifestyle shots and flat lays is helpful
    • images of Fabulous Girl Clothing should be wrinkle free, no unkempt clothing
    • must sign up for our newsletter to stay informed with our current happenings
    • must read our emails (we send out very few, but they are important )
    • is willing to communicate with Fabulous Girl Clothing via email
    • must learn about and stay informed of our brand's story, mission and goals
    • has a minimum of 1000 Instagram followers
    • hhas  a public Instagram feed and/or Facebook page, must be willing to share  FGC images on each regularly during term of contract
    • is willing to promote and share all brand announcements, promotions, events, giveaways, contests, etc. on your social media pages
    • will promote the FGC brand by using a mix of the following hashtags included with your choice of hashtags: #fabulousgirlclothing #lifeissweetinfgc #happygirlinfgc
    • is easy to work with & is trustworthy
    • must be respectful to all other brand enthusiasts and understand no drama is tolerated

    Daughter Duties:

      • is a happy girl that loves to be photographed
      • SMILES for the camera and is playful
      • enjoys wearing cute clothing
      • likes being in the spotlight
      • currently fits properly into clothing between the sizes of 2 through 8  

      The Fabulous Perks

      In return for your crazy-good enthusiasm, promoting our brand in the best light possible on a consistent basis and for your all around Big Love for Fabulous Girl Clothing, we will give to you the following Fabulous Perks!

        • a special discount code for 20% off all purchases you make, no limit! Your special discount code is for your personal use only and applies to regular priced items only
        • a special discount code for 20% off all purchases you make, no limit! Your special discount code is for your personal use only and applies to regular priced items only
        • cross exposure to help grow your own social media pages
        • lots of love and appreciation from us all at Fabulous Girl Clothing
        • our positive support in all that you need to be a successful brand enthusiast
        • If at the end of your contract time we feel you've met all of the terms, we will send to you a surprise Fab Package free of charge!!

        Serious Stuff:

          • End Contract: If at anytime we feel you are not abiding by the any or all of the terms and conditions of this contract we reserve the right to withdraw you without question
          • We DO expect to see images of anything purchased with the discount on your child (children) in future photos.  Photos of new product must be posted or emailed within 2 weeks after confirmed delivery.  
          • Contract term is for a 3 month period

          Thank you so much for your interest and support of FGC. It is our hope that you LOVE our girls clothing and brand as much as we do! Cheers to our reciprocal success!!

          Mission Statement

          At Fabulous Girl Clothing, we spread joy & confidence through timeless charm and the everlasting art of sewing. We empower young girls with the Southern tradition of "dressing" them in memorable, vintage inspired clothing that brings a dash of whimsy to their everyday and boosts their confidence to feel and do their very best. We support Mamas and women right here in the Carolinas, as they professionally craft the handmade clothing we deliver straight to your door. It's our dream that our special clothing becomes the Southern Standard by which you dress your Fabulous Girl!