Birthday Bash!

Happy First Birthday to Us!
Happy Birthday to Us!
Our Birthday Bash was a huge success and so much fun!  Thank you all who came out to support us and for all the well wishes.  Y'all are Fabulous and we love you so much!!
Almost show time!
I wish I could say I'm awesome at grabbing pics at events, but it's not my strong suit, as I'm a little distracted with the event itself ;).   Luckily, I did have my phone handy before go time to grab a few snaps and my daughter snapped several pics when she stopped in.  Enjoy a little look at some of our moments from the evening plus keep reading to see our crowd pleaser cider punch that we served.  It was delicious!
My Mr. Loomis, behind the scenes magic maker!
Did I mention we have a NEW selfie wall for social media?  I love how it turned out, so fun, right?!  The next time you're in be sure and take a pic, tag us and you'll get 10% off your entire purchase!!
selfie wall-social media wall
Wish we had pics of all of our friends and regulars that stopped by to congratulate us and wish us well, but here a few that we managed to capture.  Margaret was such a good sport and modeled our new Beaufort Sweater.  So glad she loves it as much as we do!  It was really fun to see her walk thru the door in hers.  You cannot go wrong with an Ellsworth & Ivey sweater, they're really nice and so soft.
Grandbaby love
Party goin' on!  Beaufort Belle Company
Delicious Apple Cider & Rum Punch
Talk about delicious, this cocktail was a crowd pleaser for sure!  So yummy and perfect for a fall happening.  Here's what I mixed to make a healthy, heaping bunch of punch for our party.
Bunch of Punch-Crowd Pleaser Recipe
2 gallons of apple cider
3 cups of cinnamon infused simple syrup
3 cinnamon sticks for garnish
4 apples of choice sliced and diced
Half Gallon Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum
1/5 Apple Jack
Fresh mint leaves for garnish
lemon juice to toss apples so they won't brown
Pour, pour, pour. add apples and cinnamon sticks and then pour one for yourself, easy and smooth!

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