Happy Mother's Day-A Day Full of Goodness!

Happy Mother's Day-A Day Full of Goodness!

So what a delightful Mother's Day weekend I had this year, whew!  It was a doozy, but in the best way possible.  It started out with a delicious breakfast, roses, cards and  some lovely handmade goodies, like a pretty candle in a tea cup.  Why a tea cup?  ...from the mouths of babes (being mine), because "you drink your pink moscato from a tea cup, mommy and the candle is pink, too". Perfection.  I love that we're a bunch of "makers" around here and they don't mind mommy having the occasional sip of yumminess.

Friday evening my son, Kyle, surprised me by showing up out of the blue for Mother's Day weekend.  Score!  He hasn't been home for Mother's Day in three or maybe four years, I think.  Hoping I haven't lost count, but I know it's been too long for me.  

 I was so excited to see my Buddy Ruffis, yep, that's his nickname from the time he was soooo little.  My Daddy called him that one time.  I liked it and it just stuck!  I'm only sharing it here with you because I'm pretty certain he won't be reading this blog post...actually I don't know if he or any 23 year boy would necessarily be aware that their mom writes a blog...maybe, but I'm think I'm safe to share it here (you know, as opposed to facebook or instagram).  

Officially introducing Buddy Ruffis:

The one & only Buddy Ruffis, circa 1995

I'll crack up if he happens on here and finds this, lol.  This is about the time Buddy Ruffis came to be.  He's my only boy, 3rd born baby...a bit rotten, if you know what I mean (read:  Mama's Boy and proud of it!)


Mother's Day Circa 2014


Oh, I digress.  I must be careful or my girls will get jealous. No lie.  Especially my oldest, or #1 as she likes to refer to herself, lol.  Thankful to her for arranging not only my big surprise of Kyle showing up Friday eve, but also for arranging for my double surprise on Mother's Day.

 Lauren (the one in the back row, far right with her cell phone hanging out of her bikini top, yep, I definitely have 20 somethings, too!) invited  all of us over to her place for a Mother's Day Low Country Boil.  Don't know what that is?  I didn't either before we lived here.  It's a big ol' post of shrimp, crab legs, sausage, potatoes, corn and a special mix of seasoning.  It's a delicious southern standard!

 Anyhoo, she ended up delaying dinner after we arrived.  I was happy to be relaxing on her couch (honestly, something I do very, very rarely) and just hanging out.  About the time I started wondering what was taking so long with dinner, Lauren asked me for some help. Sure.  In the form of answering the door, what???   I opened the door and who is there?  None other than Whitney, my second born, and her daughter Chloe!!   Alas, I was filled with joy all over again because that's the moment I realized I had all my chickens in a row for the first time in years, SCORE!! It's the best feeling ever, well, that and when I get to cook for them and feed them all,of course.   

Look!  Now I have yet another snapshot as a true treasure.  Aren't they sweet?  and they're all mine, mine, mine!!   Believe me each one so different, yet so special.  I love my big family with an interesting dynamic (more on my grand babies later).  We're one big bunch, generally happy,  always growing up, forever evolving and never (and I mean never) is there a dull moment.  I had no idea I'd end up the mother to six, but I'm so glad I did. I'm so thankful it was His plan. Having them all home at the same time is a rarity these days, so for them  to gather 'round me, literally, was a dream come true. 

All my chickens in a row :)

I must also note that it was extra fun to witness them delight in my delight...that's true love for ya!

Now I'm looking forward to my own Mama visiting in about a week's time.  I'm sure it'll be quite memorable as it usually is.  She can be a real character and is one strong Mama who taught me all I know.  Did I mention she's a bit spirited?  Yep, go figure.  In honor of my Fabulous Mama:  

Strong Women-raise them

I hope all you beautiful moms, mothers, mommies, & mamas had a truly wonderful and Happy Mother's Day!



From my sweet husband-love him so



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