How to Tie a Bow on your Knot Dress! {{Video}}

How to Tie a Bow on your Knot Dress! {{Video}}

Fabulous Girl Clothing is a boutique line of girls clothing that is vintage inspired, handmade in small batches and lovingly "homegrown" in the USA!

Hello Fabulous Friends!  Today I have a treat for you.  You know the saying:  Ask and you shall receive, right?  Well, you asked for a video on how to tie these sweet bows on our knot dresses and now here it is!  In less than a minute I'll walk you through how to get this look with your knot dresses and teach you how EASY it actually is.  It's a super cute look, am I right?  


A few tips for you when styling & caring for your knot dresses:

1.  If you prefer the traditional knot be sure to keep it fluffy when you tie it. Don't pull it tight as that will make the knot small and then it can slip back through the button hole when your fabulous girl is playing.  However, if you tie it so the knot is larger and a little fluffy, this mishap won't happen.  No one needs a wardrobe malfunction, right?

2.  Be sure to untie your knots and bows before you launder your knot dress.  Doing so will ensure a fresh, pretty knot or bow of your choice the next time your fabulous girl dons her dress.  Believe me, a washed, dried and wrinkled up knot is not fun to undo and then it's doubly hard to try to make it look nice.  Fabric has a "memory" and if you wash and dry it with the knot tied, the fabric will "remember" and not want to lay pretty unless you go old school and break out the, no thanks.

I hope you found this video easy to follow and helpful in styling your fabulous girl.  Cheers to lots of sweet bows and many wears of your fabulous knot dresses!

xoxo & as always,

Embracing Girlyhood


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