Milkshakes, Homemade Ice Cream, Curlers, a little Rummy...and a NEW Brand Rep Team!

Milkshakes, Homemade Ice Cream, Curlers, a little Rummy...and a NEW Brand Rep Team!

Wow, was that some ride last night waiting for our brand rep announcement on Instagram?!  It was far more emotional for me than I anticipated.  Hmmm, is that normal? Should it be this hard for me to "pick" girls who I think will best represent my brand in the best light possible while embracing our values and girlyhood mission?  

I sure hope so because I was totally right there with all my fabulous mommies on the BST page waiting it out, no lie.  Whitney and I were  passing time by playing cards at the kitchen table, but the scene was a little ridiculous.  I think we only played 4 hands of rummy, but it took us HOURS! Why???  Because that's how it goes when she was constantly stopping to check her phone for IG and then I was on both my phone and Ipad checking each of them even more often, plus getting up and running into my home studio to check my laptop...Instagram. Facebook. Email.  Repeat:  Instagram. Facebook. Email.  Refresh.  As if it would make the announcement come sooner by us being on four different devices at the same time...not.  We couldn't help but laugh at ourselves, out LOUD, no less.  It was comical.  

In the meantime, we had a total of 4 littles in the house, ranging in age 5-13, all girls. Needless to say the house was a little busy, especially for say..oh, it being their bedtime. What's that? What's "bedtime" when there's an FGC announcement to be made?!  As Whitney and I were totally engaged with our devices and somewhat with our game of rummy, we apparently agreed to the girls making ice cream in a ziploc bag ( the noise of  them shaking the ice was horrendous when one is trying to refresh her screen, I might add, lol), milkshakes (stirred and made by sweet, little hands), a noisy movie that no one actually watched, and curlers for all...only to get terribly stuck in my poor Charlotte's long hair.  These are just a few of the things that happened around me as my face was nearly buried in my screens, filled with anticipation of the announcement.  I was just as excited for everyone as I was nervous.  

The previously clean and now turned tremendously messy kitchen, living room and bathroom were all worth it (minus the stuck curler!) to keep up with you fabulous mommies who are following Fabulous Girl Clothing.  I had no idea GIF posts could be so entertaining!  I thank you all, very sincerely, for all the love and support of my little brand. I have a vision and a specific feeling in my "gut" about FGC.  It's going to go places and I want you all with me and to be a part of our journey.

As I'm writing this little piece, it's now clear to me why  last night was so intense and emotional for me.  Here it is: You are the heartbeat of the brand.  You are the brand.  It's that simple.  I can't do this without you and your fabulous girls. They really are so FABULOUS and for so many different reasons, which is so beautiful!  It was so hard to choose and make the final decisions for this season's new BR team.  They are all so precious and I really didn't want to leave anyone out, truly. There were many more girls who actually made the list than I could reasonably choose, I  promise.  I had a bit of a hard time going to sleep last eve, worrying and really praying no one had hurt feelings, mommies certainly included!

When I woke up this morning to colorful curlers everywhere and feeling so humbled by all the interest and love for FGC, a thought entered my head:  maybe, just maybe I should open up some spots for our first Brand Enthusiast team?  

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