Be Still My Heart!

Be Still My Heart!
Who is full of whimsy, sweet as can be, has a really BIG heart, can totally rock a huge pink bow, plus is pretty as a picture?
Be Still My Heart Skirt by Fabulous Girl Clothing
It's our lovely Mia!  I was so excited to send our  reversible "Be Still My Heart Skirt" to her for this week's New Release.  I just know that little Mia's moxie matches that of this bursting with fun ruffles twirl skirt.  Would you believe me if I told you there are seven, yes 7, yards of ruffles for this one little skirt?  It's super full and fanciful, a dream for a Fabulous Girl to play and party in!  Plus it's REVERSIBLE to a classic white should Mia decide she's in a different mood other than that for hearts.  How could a girl possibly go wrong with a cotton skirt that's really 2 in 1?  I think that'd be impossible, no-can-go-wrong with this sweet choice!
Ok, before I go any further with this post I do have to interrupt my flow with a little tidbit  about me:  Although I've never actually met Mia and her mama, Francesca, I totally want to!  Although we're no longer doing our brand rep program, I have always secretly wanted to meet all my former brand reps and photog mommies!   I know there would  be oodles to talk about with our mommyhood connection, but really I can never resist chatting with another creative soul, so irresistible!
Be Still My Heart Skirt by Fabulous Girl Clothing
Styling Tip:  I have to say that I love how they styled my skirt!  You can never go wrong with a classic denim jacket, adds an instant "cool" factor to any outfit for sure.  And is it just me or are those pink Chuck's to die for!  They look like they might be velvet, if so I seriously might faint.  I adore velvet and always have.  I'll have to ask Francesca to confirm.  Why?  Because we'll totally need some too to add to our Chuck collection here at home.  We have several pairs of Chuck Taylor sneakers around this house.  They're so versatile from a styling perspective, plus my girls love to wear them. If you haven't tried pairing them with a sweet dress or fun skirt, give it a whirl because you can't go wrong.  Chuck Taylor sneakers offer a beautiful rainbow of colors to choose from, which is super fun!  I live in color so I'm not sure if its the wide range of color choices I love so much about these easy-wearin' sneakers or if it's that they're what I call "low profile", which I think lends them to being so versatile (as opposed to a big, bulky athletic rubber soled shoe, not my scene).  Anyhoo, I dig them for my little ladies!  Does your Fabulous Girl wear Chucks too with her boutique clothing?  Take a look below and you'll see some of the other pieces from our Love Is In The Air Collection.  Am I right that Mia's little Chucks would be adorable with any of these dresses?  I'm telling you, they're so versatile.  It's like dressing extra special, but keeping it super comfy...a perfect pairing for active girls!
Love Is In The Air Collection by Fabulous Girl ClothingWe have so many beautiful options to dress your Fabulous Girl in for this Valentine's Day.  Seriously, it's one of my very, very favorite days of the year and I want to help make it special and memorable for you and your Fabulous Girl.  We know her social card must be full and your sweet girl is going to need some style options, right?!  Let us help you dress your Fabulous Girl for all her fun V-Day parties and Spring Occasions, including everyday.  There isn't one of our dresses that can't easily be worn for 2-3 seasons of the year.  Being a mama of six I'm naturally value conscious. When you purchase from Fabulous Girl Clothing I want you to know that you're getting a high quality piece that will last for seasons to come!
Wishing you all a LOVELY St. Valentine's Day!  
Embracing Girlyhood,

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