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So I've been thinking so much about my brand and the direction for Fabulous Girl Clothing for 2018 a lot these last few months.  My team and I have been doing a lot of planning, some changing up of strategy and re-thinking how we'll release our new collections and pieces to you, our faithful audience.

Ultimately we want you to have a Fabulous Experience when you visit our site, shop with us, receive your Fab Package (happy mail!), follow us on Instagram and Facebook, or perhaps read our blog.  We're working really hard to not only ensure a wonderful shopping experience for you, but also to make you feel at home and welcome in our community.  We're a brand that not only embraces girlyhood, but also sprinkles in a healthy dose of Southern charm and lifestyle through our fanciful clothing.

Rachel Loomis-designer of Fabulous Girl Clothing

As our list of newsletter subscribers has grown substantially over the last several months, it occurred to me that we have lots and lots of new Fabulous Friends, which is awesome and the goal, but perhaps we haven't met yet.  I don't think you can have a Fabulous Experience if you don't know who you're purchasing from, who the face is behind the brand and what she's all about.  Am I right?

Mr. & Mrs.

...So, Hello!  How are you?  Welcome to Fabulous Girl Clothing!  I’m Rachel Loomis, wife to one handsome guy, mama to six lovelies, mimi to two darlings, believer in Jesus, designer of Fabulous Girl Clothing, ladypreneur at heart, health seeker (maybe more of a "wisher" at this point), lifestyle blogger, lover of all things beautiful.  Basically, I’m a busy girl balancing it all while Designing a Life I Love.  

Rachel Loomis and Family

It is my ultimate hope that I can enrich your life and that or your Fabulous Girl's by y'all being a part of our brand and our story.  You are our brand.  You are our story. You are the heart of my business! My team and I aim to delight you with our fanciful designs and southern charm, making you feel right at home with us.  We love nothing more than to bring  to you girls boutique clothing that is vintage inspired, making her special occasions or everydays that much more memorable. 

Rachel Loomis and Family

I hope you've enjoyed this peek into our everyday lives with our kiddos and grands, it's been quite a journey.  They are the loves of my life, that is for sure.  If only we could all gather on our porch with glass of wine and swap "mama stories"!  I know I'm thinking out loud thru my fingers and keyboard right now, but maybe I'll put a porch meet and greet on our calendar for this year.  Wow, does that ever sound fun!  I'd love to have a re-union of sorts and be able to meet our new Fabulous Friends, too.  Anyone up for an event here in Beaufort, SC?

I hope you feel like you now know the heart of this brand and me at least a little better than before you started reading this post.  Just in case you'd like to know a bit more about me personally here's a quick list of tidbits for ya:

  • I wear Chanel No 5  & pearls every single day.  Otherwise I feel…nakey ( I know...probably TMI, but I'm just being honest).  
  •  I love chocolate and forage for it everyday.  The struggle is real.
  •  I can practically eat my weight in watermelon, love the stuff!
  •  I used to own and operate a very successful daycare business.  Yep, I love me some babies & kiddos!
  •  I’m very competitive, especially if I’m driving a go-cart.
  •  Music Loves:  Bob Seger, Etta James, Motown
  •  I’ve been fortunate enough to have the best Mama ever.
  •  Forever and always I will be a Daddy’s Girl

Also, you can always hop over to our About Page, just click the image below, to learn even more about the heart of our brand.  Welcome Home, y'all!

Hello!  About Me, Rachel Loomis-Designer of Fabulous Girl Clothing.

Wising you a beautiful rest of your day! xoxo

Embracing Girlyhood,



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  1. avatar Jen Pearce says:

    Great post Rach! I’m sitting outside on the deckette have 5 whopping minutes of “me” time before I go inside to start making 3 lunches and forging for dinner ingredients. The house is a mess and I still don’t have any makeup on……, But I’m already thinking about how much I’m looking forward to you throwing a “porch party meet and greet.” You are truly the best hostess I know! Love you lots and Happy SAINT Valentines Day! ???, Jen

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