Sweet Notes & Playful Doodles

Sweet Notes & Playful Doodles

Who doesn't love Sweet Notes and Playful Doodles?  I think they make everyone feel special & happy, don't you? 

Sweet Notes Tunic Dress

We think you'll fall in love with our Sweet Notes Tunic Dress that is covered in the happiest, little doodles that are close to the heart.  Can you see the "Be Happy" right there on Faye's arm?  It's a simple reminder to do just that?  Be Happy!

 Isn't this the cutest fabric?  I'm just in love with this print, plus I can never resist  shades of blue, especially aqua.  This tunic dress just takes me back to the days of doodling in my notebook and writing fun notes to my girlfriends to pass in the hallways of school.  Does it conjure up those memories for you, too?  Ahhh, the simple pleasures in life are always the best!  I hope in this day that our girls get to know the joy of passing a sweet note to a friend, a real note and not a text message.  There is lots to be said for the art of writing and doodling.  It's real, it's from the heart and it makes a true connection.  I can't imagine it not bringing a smile to anyone's face :) 

Sweet Notes and Playful Doodles  

 As I'm studying this fabric again up close, I'm trying to decide which sentiment is my fave.  It's hard to decide, but I think I have to go with "Be Nice!"   I think those two words say so much.  When we're nice to someone else, whether we know them or not, it says to them:  I love you and I respect you.  Sometimes it's easy to be nice and other times it takes real courage to be kind.  I know it's just fabric, but sometimes Jesus has a way of speaking to us when we don't even realize it.  For me those two simple words envelop the notion that when I'm nice I'm living in Jesus' image and doing as he would do.  Although very simple words, they're really BIG!  

Sweet Notes Pocketbook

 I loved this print so much that I decided we should make a fun pocketbook, too.  So, also releasing this week with our Sweet Notes Tunic Dress is our matching pocketbook.  Isn't this the cutest little bag?  Just think of all the sweet notes your Fabulous Girl can tuck away in here for when she needs a little reminder that she's special and oh, so loved!  Do you ever hide "love notes" for your girls to find later?  I do, but probably not often enough.  Writing this post is a good reminder for me to do just that.  I know it's always fun for us both when my girls find a sweet, little note in their lunch box or pocketbook. It definitely brings a smile to both our faces:  true story. 

Sweet Notes Tunic Dress

Join us this Thursday at 10am EST to spread some love and share some joy with your Fabulous Girl when we release of our Sweet Notes Tunic Dress and Pocketbook. 

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Thank you for being here with me on this journey.  I appreciate each and every one of you and as always, it's my honor to help dress your Fabulous Girls!


Embracing Girlyhood,



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