"Shift" into Spring with Fabulous Girl Clothing!

Oh, it's that wonderful time of year when I wake in the morning and I can hear the birds starting to chirp outside my window.  I have loved hearing that sound ever since I was a little girl. Every year there is just one particular day in spring when the happy chirping of the birds wake me for the first time. It always brings a smile to my face even before I open my eyes.  It's a grand way to wake up, so pleasant.  Do the spring birds make your heart sing, too?  I know that sounds completely cheesy, but I swear that's how I feel on that one particular day!

Fabulous Girl Clothing-Lovebird Corsage

For me it's the first real sign of spring, so glorious!  It's always been my favorite season of the year. It's a time of renaissance in so many regards, but especially for  my senses.  The hope and promise of a beautiful spring makes winter bearable for me.  I think it's another one of God's ingenious plans. Thank you Jesus!

🎉Releasing tomorrow Tuesday at 8pm EST! ☀️This sunny yellow seersucker shift dress on sweet Liliana features a hidden zipper, side kick pleats, and the prettiest ribbon ruffle adorned pockets. Don’t miss this classic fully-lined Southern Standard for your fabulous girl for Spring and Easter! . . . #southern #southernliving #southerncharm #southernbelle #southernstyle #preppy #preppystyle #lillypulitzer #shiftdress #handmadedress #girlsclothing #girlsclothes #childrensboutique #girlsdresses #girlsdress #childmodel #motherhoodinspired #motherhoodunplugged #sundaysbest #easterdress #vintageinspired #seersucker #homeschoolmom #toddlerstyle #girlsclothing #girlmom #momofgirls #momoftwins #toddlermom

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What's not to absolutely love about spring?  We have blossoming flowers, bright green grass sprouting and fragrant filled air. It's the perfect time to be a free bird and  frolic! I think the best part of spring is the longer, sunshine filled days!  Sunshine is life.  Sunshine is warm.  Sunshine is HAPPY! 

Sunny Shift Dress by Fabulous Girl Clothing

Bringing you some sunshine is the the best way I can think of to kick off our Spring Season.  This week we'll be launching our Sunny Shift Dress.  This handmade dress is a Southern Standard.  You can dress her up for a special occasion, like church, or you can don a pair of flip flops and look just as fabulous!  This girls dress is classic in design and high on causal style. 

Sunny Shift Dress by Fabulous Girl Clothing

Our girls shift dresses are easy to wear and easy to care!  They are made of 100% breathable, cool cotton that is machine washable.  Each of our handmade shift dresses are fully lined and constructed with a beautifully hidden zipper up the back center of the dress, making it easy to put on and take off.  Did I mention that we have the smoothest working zippers ever?  They glide! 

Sunny Shift Dress by Fabulous Girl Clothing 

Come on!  Shift into spring with us starting tonight at 8pm EST for the special release of our Sunny Shift Dress, done in a warm shade of yellow seersucker (another Southern Standard!) that your fabulous girl is sure to love!


Easter Bunny is hopping to FGC very soon!

Now, just hop on over to our IG page so you can keep up on our latest sneak peeks.  We'll be sharing  more and more sneaks of our first ever (eeek!) Easter Collection: Bunnies, Peaches & Cream, Oh My!  Our Easter drop will be happening this coming Thursday morning, 2-22, at 10am EST.  Be there for our limited edition girls dresses and sweet clothing for Easter and Spring!

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