Falling in LOVE with the Holidays!

Falling in LOVE with the Holidays!

As the Holiday Season is drawing near and we're certainly well into fall with cooler temps, I find myself getting more and more wrapped up, rather literally, in the excitement of the season.  Although first comes Thanksgiving, I know it's so easy to fall in love all over again with the magic and wonder of CHRISTmas. 

I surely don't want to skip over our special  day of giving Thanks.  It's one of my very favorite holidays and I promise we'll to get to heart of Thankfulness and Giving very soon!  We might even have a "lovely" collection for you.Merry Wishes & Wonder-Christmas Collection 2017..

However, I just can't help myself and I need to share with you just a wee little bit of the handmade goodness and holy cuteness from our upcoming Christmas release, Merry Wishes & Wonder.  It will no doubt be FGC's biggest and most festive Christmas release to date!  eek, I'm so excited!!  Today I want to share with you a few sneak peeks of what's on your festive horizon from our fashion world. 

Merry Wishes and Wonder Coming your Way, November 13 at 8pm

Merry Wishes & Wonder is full  of just that:  Merry, Merry! and the beautiful magic and wonder of The Season.  We've been sure to include every sweet detail we could dream up making each and every piece extra special for your Fabulous Girls to make their Girlyhood memories in. 

Greetings Knot Dress-layer it up or not

We have sashes, bows and aprons...oh my!  We have vintage charm paired with classic and cute styles in this magical really is a wonder and a dream come true.  Did I mention the pom-poms, polka dots and vintage prints?  I'd say they're nearly to die for cuteness!

Being a mama of five girls , I know how much fun it is to "dress" your sweet girls for a special day, but I also fully understand that's its so important to make a purchase that is a great value. That's why I was very careful to choose a mix of fabrics.  Some that are definitely Christmas specific which are perfect for any holiday party or portraits and then I chose even more that can be worn to any occasion or event, including everyday. We have dresses that will carry your from Christmas to Valentine's Day to St. Patty's Day and more! So, if you're in the mood for an absolutely darling Christmas dress we have you covered.  I love a great value, too, and we always strive to deliver that to you as well when your choose our handmade clothing.Classic Red Damask (and a real live pomegranate!)

I hope you love all the pieces as much as I have enjoyed designing them.  It's so very fun and rewarding for me to see my dreams of each piece come to fruition, but I must say it's simply MAGICAL for me when I see your Fabulous Girls wearing my designs!  Now that's the best thing about a gift and wishes coming true, I'm so thankful! It probably sounds silly, but seriously I'm like a little girl all over again when I see someone in my clothing (even my girls get excited, too).  I try my very best not to look like a stalker lady when we spy someone in my FGC, but it's just so fun.  It makes us all feel so good and appreciated (remember FGC is a family effort around here, lol!) thank YOU!

I'll be back with layers of ruffles and twirls for all your Fabulous Girls, but for now I have a SURPRISE for all you Fabulous Mama's.  This might be the best sneak peek of all!  Starting tomorrow be sure to go to our Instagram page  to enter our giveaway for a fabulous hostess apron.  No cooking required, I promise, but they are absolutely perfect for all of your holiday baking or gifting!  My aprons are known as being "instant cute",  plus they can be worn with anything.  They're one size fits most and comes with very generous ties that make into a beautiful bow.  Who else loves to don an apron?  If you don't, you might not know what you're missing ;)

Ladies Hostess Apron-Candy Stripes and Vintage Skaters=LOVE

 In hopes of helping to make your Holidays extra wonder-filled and all your Christmas wishes come true, Cheers!  to kicking off our Merry Wishes & Wonder Collection in style!  Good Luck!!


Embraicng Girlyhood,


2 thoughts on “Falling in LOVE with the Holidays!

  1. avatar Rachel Loomis says:

    I know right, Olivia? They’re so fun to wear!! I love that you’ve been reading my blog posts, thank you :)

  2. avatar Olivia Whiteside says:

    Oh my gracious I need that apron!

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