A Time of Wonder & Wishes...

A Time of Wonder & Wishes...

Merry Wishes & Wonder Collection is LIVE

Our Christmas collection is here and we couldn't be more excited to share it with you!  I hope you've enjoyed all the sneak peeks this past week.  It's not only been extra fun for me to design this collection, but to sneak it out to you, too.  I just love all the anticipation and excitement!  It makes me feel like a little girl again on Christmas Eve, so full of wishes and prayers for all things good and magical in celebration of Baby Jesus' birthday!  

Holly Belle Dress

Another very special part of Christmastime is donning your most special dress or favorite outfit.  So many memories of our special occasions are connected to what we were wearing because a pretty outfit always make a girl feel extra special, always. It's like a cardinal rule of girlyhood, right?   Do you recall your most favorite dress of all?  I sure do!  It's like the magic & wonder of Christmas and Girlyhood all wrapped into one pretty package of a memory!  Who knew what you wore would be so special, but it sure is!  Somethings we just don't forget, like this pretty headband I spy Miss Faye wearing.  Humor me:  Just imagine if she pulled this pretty out of her stocking on Christmas morning and then got to wear it with her new Christmas dress to church.  That would be so special for your Fabulous Girl!  This lovely was created by the talented owner, Jamie, of Jilli and Mally.  She has made an entire collection of hair pretties to perfectly coordinate with our Merry Wishes & Wonder Collection. 

Jilli & Mally Whimsical Hair Pretties

I'm not sure which one is my favorite, but I'm leaning towards her Sleigh Bells headband.  That lace though, swoon.  Although her Merry Wonder Poinsettia has caught my eye, too!  It's a good thing I have so many daughters...that way I can get one of each ;)   You can see & shop the rest of the her collection HERE.  Be sure to use code: girlyhood  for a 20% discount off your purchase.  Thank you Jamie!

 Jill & Mally


Now what was I doing...oh, yes!  Merry Wishes & Wonder is our biggest Christmas Collection ever.  Loads and loads of classic cuteness has arrived to FGC this holiday season!  We have ooodles of ruffles, stripes, florals, vintage prints and even some polka dots mixed into all this goodness.  It sounds to me like the perfect recipe to bring you and yours even more holiday cheer. This Christmas Collection is so very fun and festive!  I've carefully selected my fabrics so you can mix and match sister and friend sets with ease. These will pieces will be perfect for your Fabulous Girl to make her fondest memories in.   You can see the entire collection here at Fabulous Girl Clothing.

Shop NOW!  Merry Wishes & Wonder is here!!

One style option we have in store for you are these absolutely darling hostess dresses.  You can choose from either our Joyfully Dress or our Merry, Merry Dress, both available in sizes 2 thru 8.  Each handmade dress is just as cute as the other and full of so much vintage charm and the sweetest details.  Here we have them paired up with our beautifully made petti skirts. Trust me, they are nearly to die for Fabulous!  They're like getting two skirts in one, really, because  they're reversible, score!  The ruffle and twirl factor just doubled, which is serious stuff in our world. Is there anything better than twirling around, free as a bird without a care in the world? We think not, especially during the most special time of year.  Girlyhood, like Christmastime, is a time of wonder and wishes and our biggest wish this year is that it's Merry for all!  Ready to get your twirl on?  You can see & shop our Peppermint Stripes and Sitting Pretty Petti Skirts HERE.  

Shop Now!

 Ya know as I'm sitting here writing and thinking of all the sweet details these darling dresses own, I'm realizing that maybe we haven't mentioned that these Christmas Dresses have those wondrous things that all of us girls just love in a dress.  Can you guess what they are? They're a bit hidden, but definitely are there for a fun surprise for your Fabulous Girls.

Joyfully Hostess Dress

They are POCKETS!  Slyly placed in the side seam just below beautiful Jessa's elbow is a pocket for her to hide all her trinkets & treasures!  I know my girls LOVE a dress with pockets and I'm sure yours will, too!

Of course we didn't forget you Fabulous Mamas!  We'll be announcing the WINNER of our Peppermint Wishes Hostess Apron Giveaway on IG very soon! Whew, we had a lot of entries.  I love this apron too.  I have to say, this was a fun piece to do.  Just look how happy those little skaters are, plus I adore anything with a vintage vibe. To be honest, there was just a weeee, little part of me that kind of wanted to keep it (tee-hee), but I decided to share with you. Would you believe me if I told you I have a few aprons already? Ha, actually you shouldn't because I have a few more than a few.  I love me some aprons and that's why I have to share this one with you. Besides y'all have been fantastic and you DESERVE all this cuteness for your holiday baking!

Peppermint Wishes Hostess Apron Giveaway-Fabulous Girl Clothing

So now  I'm singing:  I know who the winner is.  I know who the winner is.  I know who the winner is!


Embracing Girlyhood,


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  1. avatar Olivia Whiteside says:

    Love love love that sweet apron! I’m looking forward to baking pies with my girls this week!

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