Girlyhood Is...

Girlyhood Is...

Girlyhood is a special time in a girl's life worth celebrating.  Days spent running,  jumping, twirling and laughing.  Truly unforgettable.  

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Yep, a little girl's girlyhood is special, truly unforgettable and definitely worth celebrating just like the beautiful friendship between these two Fabulous Girls!  The magic of girlyhood could not be more evident when witnessing the love between these besties since babyhood.  

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Mia (in the dress) and Hailey (in the romper)  have been friends since before they could walk.  When the girls were just  about eight months old, their mama's officially met when taking the kiddos for a day outing to the local library.  Already having mutual friends in common they couldn't help but start chatting as the babies played.  They all got along famously and the rest is history.  

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As soon as the girls awake every morning, often the first words out of their mouths are asking to see each other.  How sweet is that???  Knowing that just makes my heart melt!  Since they don't go to the same school, their fabulous mommies make sure to arrange after school activities for them to see each other, plus they're lucky enough to go to Sunday school together.  Geeeeez, I just love that!  

Happy Halloween from Little Whimsies Photograhpy

The families continue to be very close and are more like family than friends.  They can always count on each other, day or night.   A big shout out to Jennifer & Francesca for fostering such a grand example of friendship for them to witness and learn from. 

Fabulous Girl Clothing is handmade with a lot of heart in the USA! 

I suppose you first have to be a Fabulous Girl before you can bring one up and these  sweet, little friends both have some Fabulous Mommies!   I'm not sure that it can get much better than twirling  thru life with your bestie, hand in hand, knowing you have a friend forever that always has your back and is tickled to see you every single chance you get.  What a treasure these Fabulous Girls share and may we all be so lucky!


Embracing Girlyhood,



If you're near the New Rochelle, New York area and want some beautiful images of your kiddos and family, give Little Whimisies Photography by Francesca Rapacioli a whirl!  Her work is Fabulous! 



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