Have We Got A Treat For You!

Have We Got A Treat For You!

It's only fitting since this is the week of Halloween that we share such a special treat with you!  Drum roll please...Just look at our brand rep ScottLynn when she was only two years old!  Can you guess who she is dressed up as?  I'll give you a hint:  She's an American child actor who sings and dances...AND has curly hair.  Thinking, thinking, hmmmm....SHIRLEY TEMPLE, of course!  Isn't she just deliciously cute?!  and Shirley Temple is so fitting for our ScottLynn, otherwise known as Scoot or Scootie.  Does that sweet face not say "Scootie" to you?  It sure does to me.  I mean, seriously, she's causing a cuteness overload right about now, gah! 

Brand Rep:  ScottLynn for Fabulous Girl Clothing

Scoot is not only a fabulous Fabulous Girl, but quite a character as well.  Her mama says she loves to sing and even makes up her own songs to dance to.  She loves to perform for her family and is far from shy!   Wanna know a secret?  I used to do that all the time when I was a little girl, too, but I have to admit Scoot has far more stage presence than I ever did.  Have you watched any of her FGC unboxing videos?  She's a riot, full of drama yet incredibly sincere at the same time.  She's good and like I said, her as Shirley Temple was a great call.   She's a star already!

Little Miss Sunbeam by no other than ScottLynn, totally rockin' it!

Destined for greatness, I discovered she has a twin!  Yep, ScottLynn is Twinsies deluxe version with Little Miss Sunbeam.  I had no idea we have been in the presence of the famed bread girl for months now!  Good eye, Mom, way to go!  Did I mention that I love three year olds?  I could tell she was three years old in this photo even before I confirmed that tidbit with her mama.  They just have a look about them, don't they?  Kind of like they have "arrived", wouldn't you say?  I love a confident girl and even at the tender young age of three, Scoot exuded that is a Fabulous Girl right there!

So Ol' ScootaLoo (as I like to call her...surprise, bet you didn't know that!) is quite a character indeed.  I've been told by the most reputable source (thanks Mom) that she LOVES food and isn't a picky eater at all.  She loves steak, pizza, salad, guacamole and spaghetti.  I have to say, I'm down with that!  Little did I realize her and I have so much in common, but she is also the baby of her family.  She loves to do arts and crafts for hours on end, ditto.  She does love to sing and dance, but as far dance class that was a no-go.  Ha, she couldn't get past putting on those tights!  That sounds like me and Spanx, not gonna happen, no deal.  As I'm writing this, I'm beginning to wonder if she is my spirit there such a thing?  So no dance lessons for her, but she does enjoy gymnastics and soccer.  ScottLynn has three older siblings and is named after her Grandmother, Mary Scott, and her Godmother, who's middle name is Lynn.  Ahhh, that's so sweet, I love that.  Oh, did I mention one of her very most favorite colors is pink, too?  That calls for just one more look at "THE" photo:

Scoot For Fabulous Girl Clothing

Confirmed:  pink is definitely her color!

When this Fabulous Girl isn't busy being in the Big K (kindergarten) and adoring her teachers, you can find her enjoying nature.  She loves birds, planting and gardening with her MaMa.  Apparently she loves to talk and is quite opinionated.  Her mama says she's sugar and spice AND a pistol, lol.  Gotta love a spunky gal!

Score for The Hens and a sneak peek of our new top coming soon to Fabulous Girl Clothing!

We vote ScottLynn for President...yes, she is that Fabulous of a Girl!  Besides she wears saddle shoes regularly.  Just from that alone, she has my vote.  You know not everyone can rock a pair of saddle shoes, but Scoot sure can!

Delightful ScottLynn for Fabulous Girl Clothing :)

 So when I say "Have we got a treat for you!",  you now know I'm not kidding.  This little social butterfly is just all kinds of wonderful in my book.  She is every kind of Girlyhood wrapped up in one beautiful package of a little person. We've loved having her and her mama on our brand rep team for two terms.  We are so Thankful ('tis the season!) to have had them join Fabulous Girl Clothing. It is my hope you also found ScootaLoo to be just as much of a treat as I have!! 

Embracing Girlyhood,


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  1. avatar Olivia says:

    Oh my goodness this was such a treat! Thank you Rachel you definitely described our Fabulous ScottLynn! Love her nickname you gave her too!!

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