Warm Hug Blanket Project

Warm Hug Blanket Project

Warm Hug Blanket Project

This is the time of year to give and to give as much in as many ways as we can. Today I'm going to start reaching out to fellow makers in hopes of putting together a Holiday Gift Guide that GIVES BACK.  My fingers are crossed that I can get this off the ground quickly, but the idea has been on my heart for a while now.

Isabella and her NJHS friends making fleece blankets

A few weeks ago my eighth grader, Isabella, attended one of her National Junior Honor Society meetings. If you're not familiar, the mission of  NJHS is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, to develop character, and to encourage good citizenship in the students of secondary schools.  I was quite moved when she came home from her last meeting to learn that they had spent their afternoon crafting fleece blankets that are going to be given at Christmastime to local children that are in foster care this holiday season. 

NJHS from Riverview Charter School

Ding! Ding! Ding!  My "idea light bulb" immediately went off like wildfire!  It just breaks my heart to think of any children being in foster care, no mommy or daddy to care for them and sometimes even being separated from their siblings.  This rings very personally with me as my own Mama had to spend some time in an orphanage when she was a girl, which is a long and very personal story (maybe more later on that).  The thought of any of this just brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart ache so badly, but it is reality for more children than we even care to think about. 

National Junior Honor Society at Riverview Charter School in Beaufort, SC

As soon as I learned that their goal was to make 100 blankets to give to these foster children for Christmas, I knew that FGC was looking at a fantastic opportunity to step up and organize an effort on their behalf.  The NJHS students are excited and happy to help by donating their time and talent with making the blankets, but they don't have the means to provide the fleece necessary to do so.  

Warm Hug Blanket Project 2017

If you're a maker or a handmade small shop-shop owner we want you to join our effort!   ALL PROCEEDS will go to purchasing fleece necessary to make the blankets needed for these foster children.  You can get the deets and sign up here:  Warm Hug Blanket Project.  Fabulous Girl Clothing will be donating as well!  Whether you are near or far, this is a great and easy way to say "you are loved", "you are special",  "you are worthy" to these sweet kiddos!  In the truest spirit of giving I hope that y'all join us in making these deserving children feel extra special and cared for this holiday season.  Trust me, the real gift is in the giving!  It does one's spirit a lot of good.  Everyone loves a warm hug and deserves a little happy!


Embracing Girlyhood,


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